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General Questions

How do I buy a SRM shotgun?
It is a very simple process, however, SRM Arms does not sell shotguns directly to the public, but you can purchase your shotgun immediately in one of two ways:

Visit our Authorized Online Dealer, Intial Point Firearms’ online store to purchase the shotgun.
Or To find a dealer near you, visit our Dealer link.

Can you ship outside of the United States? 
Due to U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), SRM is currently unable to ship directly to overseas customers without going through proper firearm exporter/importer channels. SRM is currently working on completing its ITAR certifications as well as establishing ITAR-ready distribution channels.

What is the warranty carried by the SRM weapon models?
SRM Arms provides a 1-year limited warranty on all its shotgun models.  Your satisfaction is paramount to our success and we will do everything, within reason, to assure your confidence and satisfaction with our products and company.  Please see our warranty information here. To submit a warranty work order, click here.

Can I become a dealer / or obtain dealer pricing?
To be considered for authorized dealer status, or to obtain dealer pricing, please complete our Dealer Application and include a signed copy of your FFL, and fax it to (208) 248-1111.

Specific Questions About the Model 1216

Do you offer custom configurations of the SRM 1216?
During the inaugural launch of the SRM 1216, we will not be providing custom configurations for personal purchases; however, SRM will be providing industry leading accessories and add-on componentry that can bundled into your purchase.  Please continue to check-in as we add componentry partners in the months ahead.

Does SRM make shotguns for both right and left-handed shooters?
Yes, as the construction and design of the SRM 1216 is specifically built as an ambidextrous receiver and controls can be set up for either right or left handed shooters with relative ease.  Moreover, you can order your gun from SRM or one of authorized dealers to be shipped in left hand ready, right hand ready or a mixture of right/left hand setup with the bolt handle in either position. Just make your setup know when you order your weapon.

What size and type of shells can I fire from my SRM 1216?
The SRM 1216 can fire both 2 ¾” and 3” shells in standard or magnum configurations
The barrel design of the SRM 1216 is structured to allow a wide array of projectiles to be fired from the weapon, which includes skeet loads, game loads, steel shot, heavy game loads, turkey loads, #00 Buck, Slugs and other specialty rounds.

The 1216 can very effectively fire less than lethal rounds, but Only After Replacing the standard roller-lock bolt with the specialized SRM “less than lethal” Orange Bolt that has been designed and produced by SRM Arms, specifically for the 1216.

Does SRM offer any camouflage or other color?
During the inaugural launch of the SRM 1216, we will not be producing camouflage or specialized colors.  SRM Arms will be releasing special edition versions of the 1216, which may include a differing color palette for the weapon.  Please continue to check-in as we showcase these special edition 1216s that are planned for the future.

Can I equip a carry handle, optics, flashlights and/or back-up iron sights to the 1216 models?
Yes, you can attach likely attach all of the aforementioned components without any problem utilizing our integrated picatinny rail combined with a three face handguard rail.

Does SRM treat barrels for extreme temperatures?
SRM’s shotguns contain many heat-treated, anodized, and composite parts, which increases hardness and reduces the impact temperature differentiation could have on the components.

How are your shotguns distributed?
SRM Arms sells shotguns directly to distributors and directly to federally licensed firearms dealers (FFL Dealers).

What are the prices of your shotguns?
Retail price list reflects U.S. commercial sales only. For international, military or law enforcement pricing, please contact Initial Point Firearms Government Sales Team directly at 1-800-405-0989.

Are SRM shotguns legal to own or utilize in my State?
SRM Arms does not provide legal guidance to individuals on the ownership or use of our weapons within your state.  Please check with your local or state law enforcement officials if you have questions. SRM Arms has developed a California compliant 1216 Model that incorporates a 16-round magazine and a magazine release lock, which can be special ordered upon specific request.

I’m a FFL Dealer. How do I order products from SRM Arms?
To be considered for authorized dealer status or to obtain dealer pricing, please click here.

My Question was not answered. 
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